Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jang Ja Yeon Death

Jang Ja Yeon played the role of Sunny in Boys Over Flowers...

She died 2009.. they found her body hanged in her own house..
They say she's suffering from depression and a police investigation said that her death is suicide??
She's very young to die... she's only 27.. :(( 
so guys,, fight depression to avoid suicide ! :) 
nah~ just love our life ... :)) and be thankful to GOd. :)


Promise(He's Beautiful) Theme Song

I just want to share this video, i just search it in youtube.. grr i really miss A.N.JELL :D
that was the them song in "Hes'Beautiful" it was a pretty and cool drama !!! :D you better watch it.. here's the character of the drama..
there the leader of A.N.JELL Hwang Tae Kyung 
(Jang Geun Suk)
Kang Shin Woo :D 
(Jung Yong Hwa) after this drama he played the role of Lee Shin in 
i like this one better than his role in He's Beautiful .. 
there Jeremy(Lee HOng Ki) he's so cute !! :D
and last 
Go Mi Nam(Park Shin Hye) she played the role of a girl who pretend
as a boy for the sake of her brother
she also played the leading lady of Jung Yong Hwa in Heartstrings
here is the picture
she's beautiful here ! :D

and the picture of A.N.JELL

awww. i really really miss this Drama! bteer to buy a CD but i want to download it here but i don't know what website! :) grr..


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

10,000 Won

I just want to share this cute 10,000 Won money. i like to post the picture here but too bad i don't have web cam.. :((
grr.. but i search for the picture in Yahoo..
there..well my boyfie gave me that korean money .. his sister gave that money so he decided to give it to me just to post in my blog, but i think i will never exchange it to Philippine Money ! :D i just like the way it is.. :)) it's very cute ! :D


Monday, February 27, 2012

My Top 5 Foreign Boy Band ♥

Why "Top 5 foreign boyband?" :) it's because right now i'm listening music in my PC, and i think i can post and share it on my blogger friends. well let's start with my Top 5

Top 5 is..
Yes N'sync :)

Top 4 is...
Blue.. :D yay! i like their song "Guilty" :D

Top 03 is....
A1 :D

Top 02 is....
Yes~!~ BackStreet Boys !
I really really like their songs ! 
especially "All i have to give, Quit playin' games, and As long As you love me which is
U-kiss (K-pop group) Revived it...
here's the video.


and my Top 01 is........
Boyzone .. well i have a crush  to Ronan Keating , haha
although he's old enough still he's still handsome and i like the way he sing..
i like all of their songs!! :D but too bad, one of their member is already dead.
it's Stephen gately ..
he died because of 'pulmonary oedema'
resulting from undiagnosed heart condition,,
Still i love Boyzone! No matter What ! :D


Kaoru Amane ♥

Yes, Kaoru Amane my japanese idol :D i love the way she sings and i like her voice.. :) here's the example :D

and she played the role of Aya Ikeuchi in One litre of Tears..
yah i can't stop crying while watching that drama.
There.. and here's the plot of the story...
"This beautifully moving drama is based on the real-life struggles of a 15-year-old girl named Aya who suffered from an incurable disease, but lived life to the fullest until her death at 25. The script is based on the diary Aya kept writing until she could no longer hold a pen. The book that later followed entitled “One Litre of Tears" has sold over 1.1 million copies in Japan alone. Fifteen year old Ikeuchi Aya was just a normal girl, soon to be high school student and daughter of a family who works at a shop that makes tofu. As time passed, unusual things started happening to Aya lately. She started falling down often and walking in a strange way. Her mother Shioka, takes Aya to see the doctor, and he informs Shioka that Aya has spinocerebellar degeneration - a terrible disease where the cerebellum of the brain gradually deteriorates to the point where the victim cannot walk, speak, write, or eat. A cruel disease, as it does not affect the mind in the least. How will Aya react when told about her disease? And how will Aya live from now on?"

there! :D please comment :))


Yay~ Nakamaru Yuichi(KT-TUN) interview Nicolas Cage :D

You guys should watch this .. :D i can't stop laughing !! :D wew !


Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Wallpaper :) ♥

Yes~ at last i changed my blog layout! grr.. well i'm just lazy of posting and updating my blog for a few days.. well i'm just thinking what will i put here ... :)) and i'm busy too finding a online work in odesk well it's kinda hard to find a job in here because of some applicants.. Grr.. i wish they email me to start my work.,,, wohoohoo.. :))
i just remember last night i saw one star in sky then i wish  to have a work.. :(( Gr.. wish me luck!!! :D Gambaryo Ayra-chan :D


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gokusen The Movie

Yes i'm actually watching my most favorite Japanese Drama, actually it's not only a drama it's a comedy and action. it has 3 sequuel and this is the last and my most favorite part.. i'm so impressed with the characters and also the Lead Role of Ms.Yukie Nakama as Kumiko "Yankumi" Yamaguchi.
I am so addicted with this Drama. :D yay!!!! :D 
i loved watching it all day! 
how i wish i could be a teacher too like Yankumi :D
here's the plot of that drama..

A passionate teacher, Kumiko Yamaguchi, a.k.a. Yankumi, is now overseeing the new students of Class 3D of Akado High School, who still have not opened up to her and are giving her a hard time.
One day, the students of 3D get harassed by street hoodlums. Then, Reita, a leader figure of 3D, shows up and beats up the hoodlums, yelling “Keep your hands off my friends.” The next day, the guys beat up by Reita come storming into their school. Principal Sawatari berates the students for getting mixed up with a gang, and gives Kumiko an ultimatum: “You’re fired the next time a 3D student gets into trouble.” Then Reita tells Kumiko that he doesn’t want to owe her anything, and he takes off by himself to settle the score with the gang…
Meanwhile, trouble was also brewing for the former 3D student who just graduated. The police are after Ren for being involved in an illegal drug transaction. Upset Kumiko tries to find him with the other former 3D students. However, they later find out from her grandfather, the head of the Oedo Family, the shocking identity of the mastermind pulling the strings of the drug deal Ren is being accused of…


Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Daddy♥

I just want to share this funny moments about my Dad.
well i'm just surfing the net in my Room then suddenly i heard Music in the living room, i thought it was my Sister because i hear "Back to December by T.Swift.
and then i decided to tell her turn up the Volume, but i am surprised when i saw my Dad in the living room, i ask him if he is the one who listening to that song.. ROFL ! yes it was him!! :D hahaha i really loved my Dad. i don't expect that he will actually like T.SWIFT too. :D


Thursday, February 16, 2012

One and the same by Selena and Demi Lovato

i just heard this song in Myx i think? i can't remember where i watch this music video but it's really cool that's why i shared this video. :) 
i think you guys will like this too. :))
I really like Selena and Demi. especially when Demi played the role of Mitchie in Camp Rock ! :D


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Photofiltre Tutorial♥

if you want to edit some pf your pictures i recommend you to go here "hopeless thunder tutorial"

i really enjoy editing my pictures there :D


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Poor Eunhyuk :( ♥

I really like this short video. :) well poor Eunhyuk ! :( the kid likes Kangin oppa, shindong oppa, leeteuk oppa and yesung oppa ! :D waha ! poor Eunhyuk .. but the kid is very adorable and cute ! please watch it ! :D


Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Others ♥

Yes! Right Now i'm watching "The Others" Starring Nicole Kidman, Nah~ it is really scarry ! "D my Gosh! i'm starting to have goosebumps yay ! :D try to watch it and i know you guys will loved it ! :D


HairFall :(( ♥

I'm suffering from Hairfall. :(( aw! guys please help me! i already tried all the shampoos ! but it's not effective :(( What should i do? :((

Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Top 5 Favorite Anime's♥

why my tittle is "My Top 5 Favorite anime's?" it's because i really loved anime :D i'm so much addicted to it.
here's my Top 10 Favorite Anime

Top 5:)
Magic Knight RayEarth
-i really like this Anime. :) it's because i can see my attitude with the girl at the middle :)
she's so clumsy haha i admit i am clumsy :)
and she's jolly too.

Top 4
Flame of Recca

Top 3
Detective Conan.
How i wish i can be a detective too.. :)) loL!
Top 2
Hunter X Hunter
Top 1
I really like this Promise :))
hehe.. i really like Miacka .. :)


Touching Story and Video♥

Hi guix :) sorry for not updating my blog for a few days, i'm just thinking what am i going to post here :D well here's the Touching Video, i'm pretty sure you will definitely touched when you watched this video although Sorry for the foreigner bloggers because the song is Tagalog :( 
please watch it :) i just got it in youtube :) hope you like it. :D and please comment :)


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Birthday♥

Yey! :D My birthday is already done.. :) i  can't believe i'm 19 years old.. :) how i wish i can back with my age of 16..
well anyway i really enjoy this day ..
my aunt text me and she told me that she's going to treat me. and yes we went to the Mall,, window shopping , Eat and etecetera.
and my boyfie went to our house and we had a great time together :D yay~ :D
this is my special day ! :D and tomorrow is our monthsary :D

Monday, February 6, 2012

Selena's Edited Picture @ Phtofiltre ♥

I just edit Selena Gomez picture @ Photofiltre.. yay~ i have lot's of pictures in my documenrts where in i edited them @ photofiltre too.. :)) please comment ! :D


Sunday, February 5, 2012

So Much Tired♥

aw I've been so tired all day , when i woke up this morning i just started to make 21 articles :/ geez.. i'm so sleepy.. well it's ok because i'm done and i already pass it.. Well i'm just waiting for the confirmation about what i did.. well wish me luck ! :D Goodnight Guix .. :*


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Papa Freezeria♥

Papa Freezeria is a very cool game, and i love playing this game, actually i saw my sister playing this game in y8 then i play it also .. gosh im addicted with  this game. :D yeah i'm back for being a kid.. woot~ but i'm enjoy playing this.. :))


My New BLog Background♥

yey!! :D At last i got my favorite Cartoon Character ! Winnie The Pooh.. I just like to see him Every time i open my blog.. :)) please do comment about my new background :) i loved it! :D


Ebay, Park Shin Hye Phone(HeartStrings) ♥

Right now i'm searching for a cheap cellphone @ ebay nah not that cheap .. The one that i can afford to buy .. I like touch screen phone, actually i'm looking for a phone like the phone of Park Shin Hye in HeartStrings . Nah~ i want that phone :(( Wish me luck to find a cellphone like that ..


Watching Pretty Little Liars♥

Watching Pretty Little Liars .. Thanks to my Cis Neri .. :)) she actually tell me about this Series and i am actually watching it now .. :D well Watching with my BOyfie .. :D wew~


My Birthday WishList ♥

Yes, my birthday is coming ! :D woot~ 3days to go .. and of course i have my birthday wishlist and i will post it here :D
first is

a samsung galaxy s2 :))

apple ipad 2 :D

sony cybershot

there~ :D
wew~ how i wish one of those will be granted ! :) aw~ goodluck to me !


Friday, February 3, 2012


urgh! sleepy .. im done writing articles and done experimenting and editing my pictures in photofilte .. i just hope i can install photoshop so i can edit more beautiful photos of mine and i will post it here in my blog.. i am going to make a page here where in a i will put some of my edited pictures with different designs and i will put some kpop artist too and jpop! :D whoo.. that's all for today maybe i will continue this tomorrow ~ :D have a sleep tight to all of you ..


Park Shin Hye Dancing Gee & Satisfaction♥

Park Shin Hye dancing Gee and Satisfaction :))
geez.. she's so amazing when she dance Satisfaction :D
Actually i am practicing the step of Satisfaction :)) it is really hard ! lol~
well keep practicing ! :DD


Because I Miss You @ HeartStrings♥

Gosh! i already watched this like 100 times .. :)))) I'm a Park Shin Hye Fan and JunShin FAn.. OMO~ 
lol ~ this is the one of my favorite scene in HeartStrings ! :D A Popular Guy fell in Love with a Ordinary Girl .. :)) you should try watching this Drama ! :D 


Girls Generation & After School♥

This is one of my favorite song of After School. And they are one of my Favorite Kpop Girl-Band :))
although they are not that young still they look gorgeous and beautiful and i love how they dance..
one of my favorite members are 
Lee JooYeon
She's pretty right ? :) and ...
She looks like SeoHyun of Snsd ! :D Uee played the roll of Yoo He Yi in He's Beautiful where in she's the rival of Go Mi Nam(Park Shin Hye).. 

This is my most Favorite Music Video and song of SNSD(Girls Generation) .. It's because this is the first KPOP song that i memorize the step :) harhar :))
and my favorite members are: 
I like her drama "Cinderella Man" where in she's the leading lady of Kwon Sang Woo .. :)
She looks like Dara of 2en1 .. :))
Gosh ! :D how i wish i can be a K-POP actress too in the future .. :D 


Thursday, February 2, 2012


Image Detail
2en1 is going to the Philippines for their vacation.. Grrr.. i wish their making a concert for their filipino fans :)) i can't wait !! :D yay~~


New 1000 Peso Bill ♥

Image Detail
new 1000 Peso Bill here in Philippines.. it looks like a Play Money right? when my Aunt gave me a 1000 Peso Bill like that i thought it was fake .. i asked myself if i am going to return it to her or not because im shy.. then my aunt asked me why im quiet.. then she smiled at me and says "don't worry it's not fake" harhar ! :D 
i am so Fuuny ~ :D duh!! 
i just got another 1000 peso bill again but i kept it .. :)) it's like collection ! :D


Lucky ♥

i am so inlove with this song :) it's beautiful :D and i like Colbie i always remember my Boyfriend with this song :)) i always miss him~ :) I am so Lucky to have him in my life . wew~ :D

well you guys can share a video's here :) 


Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Wew~ I just Got my fisrt payment in . yes i am so happy :)) i just want to share you guys how i feel right now ! :) February is my Month  ~:))
you guys should try to write some articles in ,, it's awesome :)


Tired :(♥

Aw.. i am so tired of writing articles.. i just use 100 pieces of Tissue to wipe my nose because it's bleeding .. :D weew~ nah ! just kidding, well goodluck to me, i hope i will finish it. :)
if you want guix to have a part time job online just sign up here
you will write some articles there and you will paid well :D