Sunday, April 22, 2012


Right now I'm watching Lovely Complex.. a Japanese Drama :D It's really funny :D 
lalo na I loved the Character which is "Teppei Koike" 
here's the plot of the drama.
Live-action feature film adaptation of the best-selling manga "Love Complex"! Lisa Koizumi could be a bit shorter, her boyfriend could be a bit taller, and the two of them go through ups and downs during their time at Maido Gakuen! Though their eccentricitie, particularities, and tastes in food and music match, the two find trouble when boyfriend Otani meets up with his ex-girlfriend setting Lisa's heart on fire!



  1. Wow. J-Drama! :) I think I like to watch that too since it's summer and I'm bored in our house. Where did you get a copy of that? :)

  2. @Jen: i just watch it in :))


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