Monday, January 30, 2012

Muñiz Shoes♥

Those Girls who are very in love in SHOES xOxO Much...
you can search in this site...
There you go .they are so pretty how i wish i can try those beautiful shoes..
aw by the way ..
Carmina Villaroel owns that website ..
She's actually a Actress From Philippines :)
better visit her site :)


Korean Hairstyles ♥

My Top 5 Korean Hairstyles ♥

Top 5
it's simple but beautiful.. :) perfect for some girls who have a Long and curly hair

Top 4
this one is for Medium hair
Top 3
this one it's like curly in the middle :) nice
Top 2
Semi-Short Hair it fits me because i have a small hair too :)
Top 1
yes! this one .. i really like  it :D 
it's kinda weird but it's beautiful right ? ?:D


Selena Gomez♥

i really idolize her .. it's because we have the same surname .. nah~ just kidding .. it's because i like her voice and she's pretty .. i feel bad for her whenever i read those bad comments about her.. grrrr... 
anyway this is my most favorite song of Selena.. it's beautiful .. try to watch and listen to it :))