Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Top 5 Favorite Anime's♥

why my tittle is "My Top 5 Favorite anime's?" it's because i really loved anime :D i'm so much addicted to it.
here's my Top 10 Favorite Anime

Top 5:)
Magic Knight RayEarth
-i really like this Anime. :) it's because i can see my attitude with the girl at the middle :)
she's so clumsy haha i admit i am clumsy :)
and she's jolly too.

Top 4
Flame of Recca

Top 3
Detective Conan.
How i wish i can be a detective too.. :)) loL!
Top 2
Hunter X Hunter
Top 1
I really like this Promise :))
hehe.. i really like Miacka .. :)


Touching Story and Video♥

Hi guix :) sorry for not updating my blog for a few days, i'm just thinking what am i going to post here :D well here's the Touching Video, i'm pretty sure you will definitely touched when you watched this video although Sorry for the foreigner bloggers because the song is Tagalog :( 
please watch it :) i just got it in youtube :) hope you like it. :D and please comment :)