Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kpop Look A Like ♥

i'd just want to share this.. :)) i noticed that some Kpop are look a like.. :D
Park Shin Hye and Eun Yoon Hye
they look the same right? Shin Hye played the role of Go Mi Nam as a Boy also 
Eun Hye played the role of Andi Go in Coffee Prince i will post some of their pictures.
left side(Eun Hye) Right side(Shin Hye)
Cute isn't? :))
2nd is ...
 Uee(After School) and SeoHyun(SNSD)

3rd one is 
TaeYeon(SNSD) and Sandara Park(2en1)
kyaa* :)) so cute !!! :D

yeah that's it.. :) please free to comment :)) 
i prefer "Shin hye, seohyun and taeyeon, no offense :)  but all of them are beautiful !!  :)