Friday, February 3, 2012


urgh! sleepy .. im done writing articles and done experimenting and editing my pictures in photofilte .. i just hope i can install photoshop so i can edit more beautiful photos of mine and i will post it here in my blog.. i am going to make a page here where in a i will put some of my edited pictures with different designs and i will put some kpop artist too and jpop! :D whoo.. that's all for today maybe i will continue this tomorrow ~ :D have a sleep tight to all of you ..


Park Shin Hye Dancing Gee & Satisfaction♥

Park Shin Hye dancing Gee and Satisfaction :))
geez.. she's so amazing when she dance Satisfaction :D
Actually i am practicing the step of Satisfaction :)) it is really hard ! lol~
well keep practicing ! :DD


Because I Miss You @ HeartStrings♥

Gosh! i already watched this like 100 times .. :)))) I'm a Park Shin Hye Fan and JunShin FAn.. OMO~ 
lol ~ this is the one of my favorite scene in HeartStrings ! :D A Popular Guy fell in Love with a Ordinary Girl .. :)) you should try watching this Drama ! :D 


Girls Generation & After School♥

This is one of my favorite song of After School. And they are one of my Favorite Kpop Girl-Band :))
although they are not that young still they look gorgeous and beautiful and i love how they dance..
one of my favorite members are 
Lee JooYeon
She's pretty right ? :) and ...
She looks like SeoHyun of Snsd ! :D Uee played the roll of Yoo He Yi in He's Beautiful where in she's the rival of Go Mi Nam(Park Shin Hye).. 

This is my most Favorite Music Video and song of SNSD(Girls Generation) .. It's because this is the first KPOP song that i memorize the step :) harhar :))
and my favorite members are: 
I like her drama "Cinderella Man" where in she's the leading lady of Kwon Sang Woo .. :)
She looks like Dara of 2en1 .. :))
Gosh ! :D how i wish i can be a K-POP actress too in the future .. :D