Monday, February 27, 2012

My Top 5 Foreign Boy Band ♥

Why "Top 5 foreign boyband?" :) it's because right now i'm listening music in my PC, and i think i can post and share it on my blogger friends. well let's start with my Top 5

Top 5 is..
Yes N'sync :)

Top 4 is...
Blue.. :D yay! i like their song "Guilty" :D

Top 03 is....
A1 :D

Top 02 is....
Yes~!~ BackStreet Boys !
I really really like their songs ! 
especially "All i have to give, Quit playin' games, and As long As you love me which is
U-kiss (K-pop group) Revived it...
here's the video.


and my Top 01 is........
Boyzone .. well i have a crush  to Ronan Keating , haha
although he's old enough still he's still handsome and i like the way he sing..
i like all of their songs!! :D but too bad, one of their member is already dead.
it's Stephen gately ..
he died because of 'pulmonary oedema'
resulting from undiagnosed heart condition,,
Still i love Boyzone! No matter What ! :D



  1. Backstreet boys! #1! ^^ this is so nostalgic... :)

    1. @Ayel : Yeah,, at first my Top is BackStreet Boys, but when i saw Ronan Keating My GOsh ! :D haha speechless ! :D


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