Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Promise(He's Beautiful) Theme Song

I just want to share this video, i just search it in youtube.. grr i really miss A.N.JELL :D
that was the them song in "Hes'Beautiful" it was a pretty and cool drama !!! :D you better watch it.. here's the character of the drama..
there the leader of A.N.JELL Hwang Tae Kyung 
(Jang Geun Suk)
Kang Shin Woo :D 
(Jung Yong Hwa) after this drama he played the role of Lee Shin in 
i like this one better than his role in He's Beautiful .. 
there Jeremy(Lee HOng Ki) he's so cute !! :D
and last 
Go Mi Nam(Park Shin Hye) she played the role of a girl who pretend
as a boy for the sake of her brother
she also played the leading lady of Jung Yong Hwa in Heartstrings
here is the picture
she's beautiful here ! :D

and the picture of A.N.JELL

awww. i really really miss this Drama! bteer to buy a CD but i want to download it here but i don't know what website! :) grr..


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