Monday, March 19, 2012

Ronan Keating ♥

there ! :D yay !!!! Ronan Keating :D Looooove this guy !! I have a crush with Ronan.. he's very good looking and of course he has a good voice :D woooh ! :D
he's a member of the Boyband Boyzone :))
what do you think of him?? 
Probably he's my ideal Man but...
I am contented with my boyfie which is good looking too :)) 



  1. wow ronan! haha i used to listen to boyzone's songs. I love his voice. I haven't received any news/updates from him as a singer until now. :DD

    1. @SAndra : yah.. same here :)) i really like his voice .. but sometimes i find him parang bulol.. :D hehe


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