Tuesday, April 10, 2012


yay! I have a great time with my boyfie's family.. :)) yesterday was his Mom's Birthday..:D
and we go to Albanez.. a simple resort in Pampanga..
we eat a lot of food.. we sing in karaoke.. First i sing "Cry by mandy moore" and "Burn by Tina Arena." well actually madami akong kinanta butr i will not post here coz as I've said it's madami.hehehe :D
then nag swimming na kame.. and now ko lang napansin na I'm actually a good swimmer :D woooh .. (Compliment) haha ...
but my boyfie is the best.. yesterday lang siya natutong mag swim..:D
he told me na yung swim na kaya niya is "Langoy Dolphin" grrr..sinong maniniwala doon??haha..:D
anyway I really enjoy his Mom's Birthday.. :D


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